Reading Vibes

Let me start by saying that I’m REALLY good at picking up vibes from guys during dates. I can tell the ones that I don’t vibe well with and vice versa. There’s totally nothing wrong with that – you two just aren’t meant to be so whatever.

But what about when you get good vibes and then sketchy shit happens?

Case in point:

Had a date with a new guy. Everything I’ve wrote about in the past applies to this one: chatted on snap, talked on the phone (another one for HOURS), so after a week we decide to meet up.

We go for drinks, hang out at the bar for a couple hours. By then it’s kinda late (work night) so when he brings up doing something else I’m kind of surprised but go with it. Settled on watching a popular show at his place. After the long ass show ends, I stay an additional hour and a half to two hours and we just talk and laugh. He walks me to my car, gives me a hug, and talks about how next time our hangout shouldn’t be during the work week.

The next day? Nothing. 

What in the actual fuck?

Why waste my time or yours? If I’m not feeling you after drinks, my ass sure as hell isnt inviting you to my apartment. I don’t get fuckboy vibes from him so I am pretty positive he wasn’t looking for a hookup. So what the hell is going on?

This has happened a few other times before:

1. The Trucker (I’ll get to him eventually): had a good date, told me to text him when I got home and how when he got back to town the following week, we would hang out. Tells mutual friends I’m weird because I believe in the universe (he’s country af so my feelings aren’t hurt). Never hear from him again.

2. The Basketball Player (another I’ll get to): went on a date to the movies, hung out a little after, we both got busy and it just faded out. He actually hit me up recently wanting to hang out again though so not sure if he counts completely.

3. The Pipeliner: wants to ask me to give him a blow job on our second date and when I don’t, I don’t hear from him.. FUCKBOY.

My point is. Why act interested? Why say you’ll make plans? Why bother with that mess at all?

Am I too straightforward to date? Do I call out too much bullshit? Like, wtf is wrong with guys? 

If I’m not interested, I’m not going to feed your ego just to let you down slowly or ghost on you. I’ll let you know that I don’t feel a connection or that I’m just not into it. I’m not going to lie to your fucking face and pretend I want to see you again because I don’t want to hurt your feelings. 

Honestly, I give two shits if I hurt your feelings. I’d rather be honest than to lead someone on or to waste time. 87% of the time, I probably come off crazy af because I’m THAT girl who will text you after you not responding to my snaps or texts saying “what’s up? Did I read your vibes wrong”, but do I care?


If you’re not man enough to be upfront with me then why would I want that in my life? What I seek is honesty. Be truthful with me. Did I do something you didn’t like? Don’t find me attractive in real life? Think I’m lame? Like, really I just like the feedback.

So, if you’re out there in the dating world.. don’t be the dick who just builds a date up only to have no intentions of following through. Be up front with them so they aren’t hoping that you’ll pull through. You’ll feel less like an asshole and they’ll feel better too ✌🏽


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